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Studio B+ARS provides technical design consultation services for fashion industry companies following each project stage, from material research to market trend analysis, through design and style development, and on to prototyping and finalizing product development.
Thanks to a creative workshop environment in a private upscale setting, the Studio B+ARS staff turns the product's initial concept into tangible reality, producing one-off iconic designs or full collections of high-quality women's handbags.

Work stages:

  • raw material research (leather, fabric, and accessories)

  • design and styling

  • pattern design (CAD development as needed)

  • prototyping

  • sample creation

  • small-scale production implementation

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With the aim of offering cutting-edge design solutions, Studio B+ARS continuously keeps abreast of the latest developments by traveling to trendsetting shopping capitals, maintaining constant contact with top creative networks, and participating in industry events and meetings. 

That's not all: thorough market analysis allows Studio B+ARS to incorporate style trends and moods, offering its clientele innovative materials, seasonal color charts, and customized accessories.


The process begins by first listening to the client's needs, a matter on which Studio B+ARS places considerable importance, followed by conceptual mock-ups of individual designs or the entire project, using both digital design systems as well as freehand sketches.

At this stage, it is essential to strike a balance between aesthetics, an original design, and product features.


Thanks to the seamless interaction between the creative department and workshop artisans, a concept’s transition into actual production is swift. The primary product development stages are:

  • creation of a handmade pattern
  • producing a test specimen in microfiber
  • creation of a prototype in the selected material and color
  • product refinement and detailing stage
  • creation of the finalized sample
  • digital industrialization, if needed


Studio B+ARS houses both the design studio and a small world-class manufacturing workshop within the same building, where all prototypes first come to life and are later transformed into a finalized product ready for distribution. 

Under the care of skilled artisans, the workshop can handle anything from small orders of a few dozen pieces to larger productions of a thousand pieces per season.