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Studio B+ARS began its journey in the Nineties when Bruno and his children decided to create a consulting firm for businesses in the leather industry, combining technical expertise and creativity. Over time, a strong reliable team grew around this core group. 

The name Studio B+ARS was officially launched in 2012, created from a combination of family members' initials. It was not, however, a market debut: in fact, the company can boast over 40 years of experience under Technical Director Bruno Sturaro, who has brought his children Alessandra — graphic designer and creative head — and Roberto — prototyping manager and pattern maker — bit by bit into the business. 

The company has recently paired its consultancy work for leading leather goods manufacturers and businesses with a custom styling initiative, capable of meeting public demand thanks to high-quality products handcrafted in Italy and a dedicated sales space. Each Studio B+ARS handbag epitomizes the artistic and cultural heritage of Italy, enhanced by the latest design and technological innovations.

Today Studio B+ARS is a renowned and respected entity in Italy as well as abroad, with a select core clientele operating in various sectors of the leather fashion system.

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B+ARS was founded upon Bruno's experience, Alessandra's passion, and Roberto's diligence: the ensemble work of a family business dedicated to providing its clientele with Italian craftsmanship and knowledge.

Rounding out the Studio B+ARS team are professional creatives, designers, and pattern makers skilled in assisting clients while remaining faithful to the Studio B+ARS brand, created from a combination of constant innovation and an underlying foundation of well-established tradition. A team that is constantly on the lookout for seasonal trends in order to fulfill the ever-changing needs of the fashion market and its players.

bruno sturaro

Bruno Sturaro


With over 50 years of industry experience as both a pattern maker and in his role as technical director, Bruno is a distinguished personality and natural liaison between past and present. Currently, he has decided to take a step back as his children take on larger roles in the company while continuing to oversee the more demanding projects, bringing his technical skills and operational experience to bear in order to best meet any challenges which may arise during the product’s creation.

alessandra sturaro

Alessandra Sturaro

Creative Graphic Design Department

With an innate passion for fashion, an inquisitive eye for trends, and an outstanding aptitude for graphic design, Alessandra imagines, designs, and develops ideas and collections. 
In short, she creates the style that best meets the client's needs.

roberto sturaro

Roberto Sturaro

Pattern Maker & Prototyping Department Technical Manager

Roberto directs and coordinates the workshop staff, and supervises both product quality and the proper implementation of operations. Alongside Alessandra, he also selects the materials most appropriate for each handbag's creation.
A cornerstone of dependability and pragmatism, Roberto plays a pivotal role that serves as the operational heart of the company.